Industrial Lighting System

Hazardous Zone 1 & 2, Industrial & Offshore Lighting

Wholesale Electric Asia provides complete solution for hazardous area lighting system and explosion-proof application. We have experts to provide the best product proposals and engineering support, from lighting design to power distribution.

Hazardous Zone 1 & 2, Offshore Lighting Solutions
  • Proposals of Best Suited Lighting Fixtures
  • Comprehensive Lighting Design & Proposals
  • 2D & 3D Review
  • Lux Report Submission & Approval
Industrial Lighting Audit & Solutions
  • Comprehensive Lighting Audit for Existing Lighting Arrangements
  • Energy Analysis & Review
  • Operation Cost Saving Solutions
  • Conventional to LED Lighting Detailed Comparison
  • Customer Existing Issues & Solutions Proposal
Lighting Pole Solution - V-Spring
  • Telescoping Safety Light Pole
  • Ease of Access for Lighting Maintenance
  • Simple & Easy Operation
  • Safety of Personnel Guaranteed
  • Suitable for All Kind of Environment
  • Wide Range of Accessories For Different Lightings
Our Strategic Engineering Support
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